Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delicious wounding

"Four young girls had been watching a bunny in a wooded area near the park as it played in the grass.

Kishpaugh took his dog away, then returned to where the children were still watching the rabbit. The mother of one of the girls told police that Kishpaugh then got a "smirk" on his face as he ordered his dog to "get it."
Something tells me that this guy is going to get these charges dismissed. Sure, he may be a cruel dude to subject four kids to the type of thing that their parents let them watch on Animal Planet, but the reality is that he cannot compel his dog to do anything. The only thing that could potentially stick is the leash law, and even that is pretty flimsy.

The idea that he "siced" his dog on a poor defenseless bunny is a stretch; even more so that he's being charged with animal cruelty for letting his dog do what tens of thousands of years of genetics tell it to do with every fiber in its body.
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