Thursday, June 10, 2010

A difficult case to crack

"We don't know why they were here; we don't know what brought them here; we don't know why they were shooting at each other,"
DC Council Member Jim Graham is no Sherlock Holmes.

I would say that the Escalades brought the several men to the night club, where they were probably there to. . . oh I don't know, seems like such a long shot. . . but I guess they were there to drink, dance, and have a good time. Marvel at my powers of presumption!

I'm totally lost though on what could possibly compel men outside of a DC nightclub to start shooting at one another. Aren't guns illegal to carry in DC? Perhaps nightclubs should post "No Guns" signs at every door to prevent such things in the future, as signs and laws clearly have that effect.

You know, it bothers me these days to see so many articles just like this one. They're all exactly the same, in the same format like the news agency has a frickin SOP for day to day multiple shootings: several people are shot, the venue around the shootings is usually somewhat dubious, no names are released, and then some "official" mouthpiece starts rattling off obvious stuff, like the fact that there are no facts. Nobody has a clue.

I'm sure it's just like this in major cities all across the world, but I think the real difference in DC is that when a guy like Jim Graham gets in front of the camera, one can't help but get a Gothamish type feeling about the whole thing, with those radar-like voodoo glasses and the little bow tie. It seems like something you would read in a DC comic. Appropriate, no?
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