Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vetting The Military Channel

I just got done watching Ultimate Weapons on The Military Channel, and I have to say that this show was worse than most of their other ones. I love watching the channel, really, but so do millions of other people, most of whom are not military, and the amount of errors that this channel racks up is just ridiculous.

The first thing that I noticed was the suppressor noise from the rifle that made number ten, ***spoiler alert*** the M110 SASS. They had to do it, just had to add that "pfft" noise over the normal sound of the rifle. Not only that, they sometimes switched to the James Bond type "fweeep" noise instead of the "pfft" noise, and then sometimes they forgot to add it in altogether. Why go out of your way to be retarded? Why not just let the viewers hear what a suppressor really sounds like? Leave the fake special effects to Hollywood.

Also, they note that the M110 was developed by Eugene Stoner because the military needed a "7.62" round - which is captioned by the 7.62x39mm Russian round - so he up sized the M16. Eugene Stoner did not design the M110, because he was dead like ten years before it was designed. What they meant to say was that he designed the "7.62" AR-10 before he designed the AR-15 which fires the 5.56 NATO. Also, it's humorous that they distinguish Stoner as designing the M110 when they interview Reed Knight about the weapon.

Next, they highlight the Marine Corps M40A3 sniper rifle, but say it shoots the 6.5x47mm Lapua cartridge, and show it as having the Accuracy International folding stock.

Lastly, I'd like to poke fun at their rating system. The Accuracy International AS50 gets a full five points for being portable because it can be broken down in order for its tremendous size to be carried, and weighs 31 lbs according to the show, but a 16 lb bolt gun only gets three points despite it not needing to be carried in several pieces on the battlefield.

One would think that the show could fix these errors before viewing, especially since they have people like Ronnie Barret talk over several of his guns which made the show.

Hey Military Channel, how about a little accuracy?

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