Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No more Microsoft for me, thanks

So this is the first time in over a week that I've been able to log into my blogger account. My last running PC at home wouldn't let me log into anything anymore: yahoo, blogger, my bank account - and so I finally lost my temper.

That computer, as well as an older PC that used to run Windows before it started having problems, got Space Maced.

Click on it to see the whole thing.

Feel my wrath bitches!!!

The last piece of electronic garbage that got the Space Mace treatment was an X-Box that I had years ago. Yet another one of Microsoft's shit products. Too bad the Space Mace didn't make it through this one, but I doubt I will ever need it again. There are no more Microsoft purchases in my future considering that I've been through like five computers in the last three years. Not good investments.

I have spent the week backing up my work computer so that I could recover the damn thing yesterday in what was the last attempt to get rid of malware. Not really sure why we bother paying for Norton. It worked, but I've got a ways to go before I will be up to speed, and even as I write this I'm having problems posting images from Photobucket on this post (notice I can't re-size the picture), as well as getting the Windows pop-ups telling me to restart my computer. I just fired the thing up ten minutes ago. I mean, the thing is basically factory new and I'm already fighting with it.

I am now looking for a computer that will last me a minimum of five years with minimal maintenance, that will let me websurf, blog, do Movie Guns posts, check my bank account, save pictures, and print up range cards. That's all I'm going to ask of it, and Windows shit is obviously not fucking capable of fulfilling my requirements. You guys working there should be ashamed.

When I was in the construction biz, I prided myself on building stuff that would last lifetimes, and I never got called back to fix what I had done. I built it right from the start because I'm not a douchebag. I had a two year old Gateway running Vista and I had to fight the thing to check my Yahoo account. The servers at work are running Windows and it's everything anyone can do to print something or receive an email. Microsoft people build shit products that don't last, and you guys suck for using your clever marketing to basically paint the entire market into a corner and give consumers the option of only buying your stuff and live a life of frustrating hell.

I'm not sure how good Mac stuff is, but I'm going to try it. Friends and family have mentioned that I don't want Mac products because all of the latest and greatest sexy software and games won't work with it, and I'll have problems hooking up multiple printers and stuff. Well, I've got multiple printers hooked up to my work laptop, and I can't print more times than I can. And I don't want to have to buy new software every fucking month just to maintain some sort of cool status with my friends. I might buy a program once every three years, and when I do drop $100 on it I sure as hell don't want it in obsolescence within six months to where I have to spend $120 more dollars on some service pack upgrade just to keep it working with Windows latest bi-annual OS release, or fix all the bugs just to make it run. From what I've seen of ITunes, they are suffering from the same problems. And while we're on the subject, condoning the use of this stuff because "well, everyone else is using it", or "you just have to learn to mess with it until it works" makes you complicit in this little goatrope. You should be ashamed too.

So I will be shopping for something right after the new year as right now I am committed to fixing my wife's brand new Asus laptop that I bought her in April of this year. Yes, fixing it. Shitty piece of Windows Vista shit.



Anonymous said...

Don't believe them about Macs. Once you go Mac you won't go back. I've had mine almost two years with no problems at all. I hate when I have to get on my company PC for work stuff. After a very brief learning curve you'll wonder why anyone ever uses a PC for anything. Timemachine alone makes it worth changing to Mac. Check out for help.

Good luck,

Unknown said...

Thanks much for that! Soon I'm going to get a desktop loaner that has Mac loaded for me to try out. I hope it's everything that I've heard!