Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I would be buying metal things too, but doors would not be one of them

Burglars go to the front door and boldly announce the crime. It's happened three times in the city in the last week-- twice just doors away from Nathan Humphrey and his family's home.

"When they don't get a response, they kick in the door. They went upstairs and yelled, 'Burglary alert!'" said Nathan Humphrey as he explained one incident.

And why shouldn't they be bold? These homes are soft targets, and there is little to no resistance inside.

So tell me something: if society is so sophisticated that we allow good citizens in a city to be almost completely disarmed, than why do we still have violent scumbags effortlessly taking property away from citizens using boxcutters? I thought we had learned our lesson after 9/11. And why do children have to shoulder the burden of this stupidity? I guess America is not as enlightened as once thought, huh?

I again emphasize that merely having the means will not prevent attacks like this. There has to be a mindset, and unfortunately the victim mentality has been well planned and executed in DC:

"It's very bold. It's just bold. I want to know that something is being done about it. There is obviously an uptick in crime and I want to see a stop to it," said Tran, a resident in Takoma D.C


"To be violated in your community is awful thing. To be violated in your home where you should be more safe, there is no way to describe it," said Tran.

Tran sounds like a good person, but I doubt she will take any responsibility for providing protection for herself and her family. Despite police patrolling and "aggressively identifying," the threat continues; and a metal door will only means the scumbag will have to kick it twice before it folds.

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