Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big boomers

No, not the dreaded five pound revolvers that make the Violence Policy Center pee in terror, but the really cool substances that combine to make tannerite.

To watch the videos, you're going to have to clicky the linky as Photobucket sucks pretty horribly.

Fun stuff!!

Mix it together and shoot it with a rifle. That's it. The neighbors didn't even call the po-po this time, which is odd since they call them on us for shooting all the time. This being rural Virginia, there's nothing that can be done as we are legal beagles. Private property can be a bitch.

Afterwords I fired off about fifty of my zombie rounds to see if they still sucked as bad as I remembered, and they did. Groups were about three inches at 121 yards, which will work just fine for the zombie apocalypse, and served us well being minute of tannerite jar. I do have some well made 52 grain Sierra Match King rounds that will shoot five rounds into a half an inch at 100 yards, but I didn't bring them.

I'm still having various technical difficulties with an array of shitty computers. Yesterday I tried to run a DVD on this very computer because I had a couple of hours to capture some frames on the big ass monitor, but alas, the DVD player is dead. I am trying folks, but PCs and me do not mix well. After Christmas I am going to have to get this one fixed so I can start cranking out Movie Guns posts again.

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Anonymous said...

Cool shit, man!

"BOOM" is good! :-)

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