Monday, November 9, 2009

Kinda interested to see where this is going

University spokesman Mark Owczarski says the school's president and about a dozen administrators had a teleconference with miltitary officials Friday.

He says Pentagon officials asked for guidance on how to respond to the shooting spree at the Texas military base. The discussion ranged from how to help victims' families to accommodating large numbers of news media.

Well, Virginia Tech would be the ones to ask. Unfortunately, the yahoos at the head shed in Fort Hood would have been better off calling VT a month ago and asking what sort of policies encourage this type of behaviour so that it can be fixed. Why nobody thought of asking that is the question of the day.

Now, Lt General Cone made the remark the other day that "we don't go armed around here," which I thought was not only laughable from a sheer nonsensical standpoint, but also rather dangerous. Tam at View From The Porch sums it up better than anyone can, and I'll quote this piece as it's spot on:
"I know Texans on the internets are always bragging about how it's legal for them to shoot someone stealing their hubcaps after dark, so I'm pretty sure a guy Allahu Akhbar-ing his way through a hospital waiting room gets the green light in the target selection sweepstakes. If they had been allowed to carry their damn guns, maybe somebody could have smoked Hasan before he rolled up a body count like an NCAA basketball score. Even the most ardent gun banners are always shooting off at the mouth about how "only the police and the military are qualified to carry guns" so how come they were unarmed and defenseless by edict here?"
That my friends, is perfection.

I have been on more military bases than I care to -- both on active duty and as a civilian -- and it has always grated on me that I have been deemed too untrustworthy to carry a sidearm while on a base in the US. I have been trusted to carry an automatic weapon on a post overseas, so why not here? Policies that disarm are disgusting enough, but disarming our Soldiers and Marines at home is pathetic.

People lauded the Soldiers at Fort Hood for stepping up in the face of the massacre, helping one another, passing on medical treatment in the hospital to allow a more severely injured Soldier to get treatment instead, and overall for just doing what Soldiers do. It is remarkable, but what is not being said is that this is not something they do just because something bad happens, it's what they do 24/7. These same remarkable Soldiers are also thought of as too untrustworthy to be armed if they want to?

There needs to be change.

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