Monday, March 28, 2011

Range Report: Johnny Law Edition

I got some trigger time in this weekend, in between nap time and other obligations. A paramount achievement for me though was the creation of a solid shooting bench, so I have no more reason to bitch about not having a good rest:

The range is 102 yards according to my range finder, and you can see that I'm shooting into a big hill in the distance. Twenty five years we've been shooting into that hill, usually through this shed:

. . . and we've never had an issue with anybody. Times are changing though, as the hippies are streaming into my county like crazy, and apparently they are deeply unsettled by the sound of my AR belching 208 grain AMAXs.

I had just clicked off two well aimed rounds, and was prepared to send another, my finger already pressing the trigger against the sear, when I saw motion out of the corner of my eye towards the driveway. I could see a Sheriff's Deputy standing by the edge of the house with his cruiser in the background. I have no intentions of getting shot by an investigating Deputy while enjoying my hobby, so I picked my hands up off the gun and the cop smiled and nodded his head. I walked up to talk to him and he introduced himself by first and last name, and shook my hand. Obvious on his uniform was a pin that identified Officer Friendly as having joined this particular department in 1998, making him a salty veteran that is used to call-outs for hick gunfire. He chitchatted with us for fifteen minutes or so about stuff in general, and was then on his way to answer a call where the local savages were acting in an unsophisticated manner. He did note that the hill that we shoot into is now owned by an organization that would probably love to sue us for one thing or another, and that we should build a solid backstop on our side of the fence.

That's the sort of interaction with law enforcement that people should always expect. Officer Friendly who doesn't overreact to a peaceful situation. He has a sworn duty to respond to calls, and I would hope that someone like him would respond to investigate my household if he got a call about gunfire. I'm glad though that everything turned out well. My shooting on the other hand needs a bit of work. Either me or my gun is not consistent, and I need to find out quick where the problem is.
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