Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alcohol fueled weekends can be expensive

I guess these three guys had determined that the fun that they were having wasn't quite as good as it gets, and injected a little bit of hillbilly power into their camping trip:
After the truck got stuck, Sillitoe said, one of the men took a bucket loader--without permission--from a nearby land development site about a mile away. He said the owner is a distant relative of one of the men and declined to press charges. On its journey down to the river, the 40,000-pound Caterpillar 963 loader took out about a dozen trees, carving some deep ruts along the way. Its tanklike tracks were imprinted along a narrow path winding through the woods.
It gets way worse from there, but at least they got their truck back! Backwoods people sure do have a way of making things right! Be sure to check out the slideshow from the incident to get an idea of what happens when you mix lots of booze with too few brain cells.
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