Friday, March 18, 2011

Malice, meet Aforethought

A tragic murder in Bethesda, Maryland has residents on edge. This news video covers the now ramped up sales of pepper spray to the locals. I recommend the blue OC spray that the store owner is endorsing, as it is on my keychain right now, but I do think that the Spartan sword hanging on his wall makes for a more effective defense against violent murderers. I carry OC spray for dogs, as I have no interest in shooting someone's Cujo if I could instead send it running away.

The reason for the title of this post is because of the first comment to the video, which I quote:
Anon - "this news site is so typically Mont. Co. A bunch of true gutless wimps! pepper spray? I think I'll start walking around Bethesda late nights with something much more lethal than pepper spray. God help anyone who tries to rob me, or anyone who thinks they're going to arrest me for protecting myself. That goes twofold for any of my family members. I will kill any POS who threatens any of my family ON SITE!"
While I believe it's good that he or she is passionate about protecting their family, I caution folks on making public statements that they would kill someone, even if that someone was committing a crime. I also add that Anon has just admitted that they carry a weapon or other object, presumably a firearm, and presumably against the law, that is lethal. This is the sort of thing that gets otherwise good citizens in deep hot water. When they do wound or kill a dangerous scumbag in what would normally be considered a good shoot, some salty lawdog will have remembered a comment like this, and take the time to find out who made it.

Protecting yourself is good. Making useless and damning statements to the public on how you're a hardass is bad.
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