Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

The title of this post is often heard on ARFCOM, and it means that if you take big risks, you risk getting hurt bigtime. On one post at ARFCOM in the General Discussion forum, I found an example of the big risk/big hurt rule:
The protester, Julia Symons of Melbourne, was accidentally shot in the face while the shooter was aiming at a low-flying bird.

She staggered into the arms of two friends, saying "I've been shot, I've been shot". She was carried from the water with pellets still stuck in her face and one of her teeth shot out.
This happened in Australia. From the article, it seems that the protesters sneak into the water early in the morning before the hunters get there, and then do their best to spook the birds so that they don't land in the water. It's precisely at that moment - when a duck is slowing down to hit the water - that hunters take aim and shoot, as they are not moving as fast and are easier to hit. This sort of activity was bound to lead to this sooner or later. Thankfully the woman lived, and hopefully she has learned her lesson.
The protesters continuingly break the human safety laws by going into the water before 10am and very few of them understand the safety zone of a shotgun."
Perhaps hunting-protesters should have to attend a hunter's safety course before heading out for a long day of danger on the water, or maybe it's bad policy to interfere with Natural Selection. I don't know about you, but I don't go about my day trying my best to meet Darwin.

**Edit - The protesters don't bother with eye and ear protection, which is pretty stupid considering they are wading around amongst duck decoys in the water while hunters blast away at ducks with birdshot. That women is extremely fortunate.
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