Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Turesday morning roundup

Not one, but two articles in the Washington area news about VCDL's Lobby Day. Curiously none of the bloodshed from all those gun owners was mentioned. From the looks of one of the articles, the locals are thrilled. The other pretty much shills for the anti gun families of the VA Tech massacre by using the typical raw emotion rather than fact. Not mentioned is that it took three minutes for the cops to even get to the building during the VA Tech massacre, and that it took several more minutes to get inside. I guess playing dead on the lawn in Richmond was appropriate.

Finally, someone who listens to those who elected him. Spend less instead of take more? Crazy stuff. Who would have thought that Virginians were tired of paying taxes, or that the ABC Department are a bunch of tyrannical yahoos? Although I see speed limits as money making ventures that have nothing whatsoever to do with public safety, seeing it raised 5 mph means nothing. Everyone knows that in VA you just keep the speedo pinned at 79 mph and you're good-to-go.

Five lucky Washingtonians get to be really real jihadis in a Pakistani prison! Enjoy that local spa treatment fellas!

Public schools managing your kids hair length. Yup! It's gonna be private school for my kids!

Ummmm, last I heard, wild animals are not pets. Pets are domesticated animals that are linked to a responsible person; thousands of wild roaming deer that eat azaleas and get struck by cars do not match that description. Honestly, I'm surprised that Texans even took the time to ask for permission to kill them off.
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