Monday, January 25, 2010

HS Student will not be expelled for not having firearm on school property

What a waste of time, money and effort.

Gary Tudesko, 16, was thrown out of Willows High School after a shotgun, shells and hunting knife were found in his truck which he says was parked off campus.

Today, the Glenn County School Board overturned that expulsion saying he was 'not afforded a fair hearing'.

Ah, it's not because the school board would get their ass handed to them in court, it's really just about a technicality. Ok then.

The kid obeyed the "Gun Free School Zone" farce and parked his truck outside of it, but that's not good enough because some other student could hit a tennis ball outside of the school grounds force field of safety.

I guess 1,000 feet is not enough. Perhaps we should expand the force field by doing a simple test where a student hits a tennis ball as far as he can from the edge of the zone. But then what happens when a student hits a tennis ball from the edge of the new force field?

The solution here is to ban tennis. That way some clumsy kid doesn't hit his ball outside of the school grounds force field of safety and into the danger zone. Wouldn't want to hit a truck with a shotgun and some birdshot in it. Or even have the ball land in the yard of a dreaded sex offender.

This sort of nuttiness reminds me of that commercial, Chucky Cheese perhaps?, where the mom lovingly wraps her sons in bubble wrap before letting them go outside.
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