Sunday, January 31, 2010

The People Coop

We got about ten inches of mother nature's finest this weekend, and we've been stuck in the house for days. The kids are especially miserable since they've been sick with the flu, and then a nasty sinus cold, since the day after Christmas. They haven't been outside of the house for days, and they're starting to tear the walls down.

I've been reluctant to take them anywhere in public because I don't want to be the jackass who gets thirty other kids sick. This sinus cold is super contagious. Some douchbag gave it to me like the day after I kicked the flu, and I'm still fighting it three weeks later. Unfortunately, I gave it to everyone in the house. It's a terrible thing to see little children fight something that gives an adult a tough time. They don't understand what's going on.

On top of that, giving little kids medicine right before cleaning their noses out can equal what can only be described as mild torture. My son's nose is raw and chapped, and he fights tooth and nail when we hold him down and suck his nose out with the blue, snot sucking bulb of doom, which comes after a blast of saline up the snout. Horrible stuff.

Last weekend I couldn't take it any longer and took the kids to the Bass Pro Shops in Ashland. They loved it. I highly recommend it for the little ones as there is so much stuff to look at. I pointed out to them every cute and cuddly little perfectly preserved critter, and everyone in earshot got a chuckle when they pointed out the ones they knew - screaming "daddy, daddy, daddy. . .wook, wook. . . . it's a kyooooodddddiieeeeee!" If you're heading there, be advised that Bass Pro Shops does not take kindly to people who care to arm themselves for personal defense. This is the reason why I tend to throw my money to their competition right down the road at Green Top; but I will gladly let my kids shout at their stuffed creatures.

Anyways, morale here is pretty low - the cable box in the wreck room where the kids play has gone TU; the snow is too deep for the kids to play in; it's 19 degrees outside, which is too cold to take the kids for a walk in the wagon; can't take the kids to the mall because of the moral issue of passing The Sickness on to other kids; and I can't justify slipping out for a little shooting as that would make me a dick.

Today is just not going to be much fun.
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