Tuesday, September 23, 2008

College shooting in Finland

Nine dead and more wounded. The shooter tried to kill himself, but he survived. No other real details from this yet as the story is still breaking.

More to follow.

Update: The scumbag died, making the death toll ten. An interesting note:

After the shootings, he said, he heard students shouting. Police came about 10 minutes after they were called, Varmola said.

"It took two hours to get this situation ended," he said.

I don't know the laws in Finland, whether they insist on putting up those silly "Gun Free" signs like they do here in the US, but just like in the school shootings here the cops show up in the aftermath, not in time to save anyone. It is rumored that the several armored vehicles involved did not play a decisive role either.

The gunman bought the gun well before the shooting:
MTV-3's Foreign Editor Risto Puolimatka told CNN that Saari was also issued with a temporary gun license last month. It was the gunman's first license, Puolimatka said.
Waiting periods don't work. The gun was a semi-automatic pistol from what I can gather:
Forsberg said, "I heard several dozen rounds of shots. In other words, it was an automatic pistol.
The article likes to point out that Finland has more gun ownership than much of Europe. As much as you will hear about guns and school shootings, know that the most fatal school massacre in US history was committed with a bomb. The most fatal act of terrorism in the US was committed with commercial airliners hijacked using boxcutters; the most fatal act of domestic terrorism in US history was committed with a bomb; the second most fatal spree killing in modern world history was committed using a shotgun, a sword, and an axe, the first was committed with a rifle and some grenades. Again, to quote R. Lee. Ermey ". .it is the hard heart that kills."

Update: Blogger Stålhandske in comments notes that the weapon used in the killing was a Walther P22 in .22 Long Rifle caliber. This is the same weapon that Cho used to kill at Virginia Tech. I have this very pistol, and while it's a quality gun it's very sensitive to the type of ammo used, and it's not just mine; several of my friends have this gun as well. There is nothing special about it; it only comes with ten round magazines. To my knowledge they don't even make larger capacity magazines for it.
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