Friday, December 2, 2011

What happend to The Military Channel?

Once upon a time there were a ton of cool shows on all sorts of military disciplines on The Military Channel: Future Weapons, Weaponology, Ultimate Weapons, Weapon Masters -- all of these shows were great to watch (they're still on, but all re-runs), but now The Military Channel has turned into the Nazi Channel. Seriously; when I hit the channel guide, the lineup is all "Hitler's Shock Troops," "Hitler's War Machine," "Cooking with Hitler," "Nazi Tank Battles," "Nazi UFO Conspiracy," "Nazi Ten-Minute Ab Workout." It's a Nazi cornucopia; who wants to watch that shit 24/7?

WWII was over 65 years ago, give it a rest, would ya?


Broken Andy said...

I tried the Nazi Ten-Minute Ab Workout, but all the work seemed to be negated by the beer and sausages. Now the Stalin 100-Days To a Slimmer You Gulag Plan is a winner. Works every time.

Drew said...

personally my favorite show was when they taught me how to make chocolate reich ice cream. oh man it's sooooo good it's got little nutzi's and marchmellows inside. mmm mmm

Anonymous said...

They've gone the way of the Hitler...err...History channel.


Anonymous said...

When you say the History channel, don't you really mean the Pawn Stars channel?