Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sew what?

I now have three holsters for this P30 on order, and none of them are here. Humbug.

I stopped into Ganderous Mountainous last week and found a Blackhawk #7 that fit my gun, but it fit very poorly, and was designed with an FBI cant that rides too high for AIWB. My solution was to whip out the ol' Kit, Sewing, Standard Issue and fix the lass. I had to not only set the belt clip for straight drop, but move it up a full inch as well. After that I stitched along the trigger guard and down the dust cover as well to make the gun stay in the holster:

My technique won't win any beauty contests, but it is effective. I now have a cheapy holster that works just fine for quick grocery store carry, and will last me the next few days until I get my Safariland #27 and Bladetech IWB in. I can't leave well enough alone, so I'll be modifying them as well I'm sure.

I'm feeling generous after Christmas this year, so here's some more gun p0rn:

The Spyderco Ladybug is a very well built knife; as well built as their larger blades. That one belongs to my wife, and while she was cleaning out her purse I thought I would snap a pic. Who says size matters?


Broken Andy said...

I'm disappointed that no duct tape was involved.

Unknown said...

HAHAHA.. .you're right! I'll make it up to you when the Bladetech gets here.

MSgt B said...

Love the tactical sewing kit in zippered pouch.

Is the outside OD Green?


Unknown said...

It is. This is the same one I was issued, but when I used all the stuff inside I would go to the PX and get more. Next time I'm on Quantico, I'll see if they have them.