Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One shot, one kill

My brother emailed this video to me of a convenience store owner in Turkey who shoots a knife wielding attacker. This video is somewhat graphic, as the attacker slashes a man's throat and repeatedly slashes at two other men. ***Warning: NSFW -- Graphic***

The store owner takes his sweet time getting his pistol into play, but when he does he makes a fatal (I think) single shot on a moving target after being stabbed and hacked. Pretty impressive. I think that keeping your sidearm in condition one on your person at all times is the way to go.


Drew said...

condition one only would have saved this particular clerk about .5 of a second. i 100% agree with condition one carry but i'm surprised it didn't effect this guy much, i'm also surprised he only shot him once, i would have opted for a mag dump after that vicious type of knife attack. don't want that c*cksucker getting off on an "insanity" plea.

Broken Andy said...

The store owner should have gone for his gun much sooner... like when he first saw the knife.

And just how dull was that knife anyway? The guy who got his throat cut actually lived.