Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sum of it's Parts: Part 1

This afternoon I put together the lower receiver for my AR project. I couldn't wait any longer, and since the barrel won't be here for a couple more weeks, and even then I have to send it back out for some profiling, I needed something to do in the meantime:

Hmmmmm. What kind of magazines are those? And an A1 buttstock and ERGO grip? What's up with that? Looking back at my BAG Day post, can you put two-and-two together yet?

Last night I coated the DPMS lower receiver and buttstock with Dark Earth Alumahyde II from Brownells. If someone had asked me to describe the worst conditions possible for applying a semi-permanent coating to a firearm receiver, I would have noted yesterday. A huge thunderstorm kicked my ass as I was putting the Alumahyde on, and I was hiding under a tarp holding the piece by a strand of 12 wire while the skies came down. The instructions say to not handle the piece for 24 hours after application, but I would suggest in hind sight a few days more to let it cure; even while I assembled the lower this evening, the coating was tacky and scratched easily. Also an FYI, the stream that comes out of the can is very fine, and is a flat 6" wide. I'm a big fan. I used three coats which ended up being perfect.

Everything went together well. The trigger is a Geissele, which is not spec to the weapon that I am cloning (that's a clue), and neither is the DPMS ambi-safety. The buttstock is from Fulton Armory, which I found out is in Maryland after it got to my house two days after I ordered it. The lower parts kit is from DPMS; and if you have already ordered a match trigger and/or the pistol grip of your dreams, you can also get a parts kit without those things for around $30. Midway and Brownells were out of stock at the time I ordered.

If you do figure out what type of build I'm doing, then you have to figure out the cartridge it's chambered in (it's not a .224" bore). In the next month I should have a functional rifle, meaning that I can start load development, but I am a year or more from acquiring all the kit to make this a complete weapon system. I'll get there eventually.


mike's spot said...


i'm a fan so far.

Unknown said...

You guessed it! I LOVE the Mod 0, and have wanted one since I first saw it years ago. But mine is not a 5.56; I have scoured the internets and have not found anyone doing this build in this caliber.

mike's spot said...

how does the bigger boom influence mag capacity?

Unknown said...

Only five rounds. These mags are feom AR Stoner and hold 25. I need to pick up some ten round mags for shooting from the bench and for hunting season (if I ever find a place or time to hunt). Virginia doesnt have a capacity limit for hunting, but I dont want to lug around heavy mags.

mike's spot said...

I don't blame you- one of the main reasons I do the handgun hunting now is so I don't carry heavy shit into the woods anymore.

Anonymous said...

The humidity didn't help your cure time any, either. You can speed it up by placing the stock in a warm environment 90 -100 degrees. In winter I hang stuff next to the furnace, summer, set it in the sun, if it ever shines.

Unknown said...


You're definitely right. I wanted to put the thing together so bad that I cut corners. It took about a week for the Alumahyde to fully cure in my gun safe.