Thursday, May 5, 2011

Give me all your waffles!!! This is a stickup!!

A video from a robbery at a Waffle House shows three gunman running into the restaurant and throwing people around. That's a frightening scenario for the gunnies; one on one is bad enough, but one against three? Bad odds.

The video mentions that one of the customers "went out to his car and got his gun", which is a stupid place to keep a firearm if you have any expectation of using it when you need it. I guess stashing it in the glove box works fine for shooting at the robber's SUV after they decided not to kill you and are making a clean gettaway. This was in Texas, by the way, which has a past history of gunman storming restaurants. One would think that this lesson has already been learned.

I love the lack of editorial oversight on the "Highpoint 9mm Assault Rifle." It reminds me of this handy chart for the media on how to identify firearms. Any shooty type of weapon is either an Assault Thingie or an AK-15/AR-47 to our helpful friends who make up the news.
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