Thursday, April 15, 2010

A gun related poll to hit

At NBC4 Washington regarding gun owner's rights next week at the 2nd Amendment March. So far the natives are 'thrilled' about it, but more love from my fellow gunnies wouldn't hurt. There's also an article on DC getting voting rights passed despite another rider amendment that would further cripple DC's silly gun laws.

On another note, a group of Americans took DC's DMV to the mat over wearing a hijab for their driver's license photo and won.

Arguing over state benefits is the cool thing to do these days, but none the less, people are waking up and finding out that they can collectively make a difference. Whatever your proclivities may be, people flexing their might in a peaceful fashion aught to be celebrated.

**So this post is going to be a roundup post, as I've been super strapped for time the last few weeks, thus the reason for the light blogging.

A new war museum got the nod to be built in Prince William county, Virginia. It sounds like it's gonna be huge! I have some pics from a recent trip to the Marine Corps museum that I haven't had time to post yet, but will get to it eventually.
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