Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday morning roundup

A 9mm handgun "accidentally fired," all on its own of course according to the news, sending a bullet through an adjacent apartment. Fortunately, the bullet didn't hit anyone, and the moron who negligently fired it called 911 and owned his stupidity. He was arrested. Of note is that the bullet went through three walls, two of them exterior, before stopping on the fourth.

Mmmyaah. . .life sentence, schmife sentence. . . .who cares that he shot five people to death; he's cooperating!

Nothing in this article interests me, with the exception that I firmly believe that it's dishonorable and disrespectful to wear chevrons that you didn't earn. It makes a pretty stupid fashion statement too.

Look for pens to soon be banned in courthouses, schools, and public buildings because they can obviously be used as weapons.

A Florida man obviously compensating for his penis retrieves his pistol from his car and stops a bank robbery without managing to fire a shot in all his bloodthirsty anger. It's ok though because he was an OFF DUTY SECURITY GUARD. No mention of whether he is an armed security guard, though he bothered with the permit stuff to exercise his rights, so it's doubtful.

Beware! Ninja roam the woods, and are armed with machetes. Someone should make a law banning kids from putting on masks and slashing people with primative weapons.

"Guns are not allowed on campus, absolutely," - Spoken right after a woman fires a handgun in a bathroom stall on a campus in Denver. Maybe there should be a sign or something.

Kure Beach, North Carolina mayor hates, Hates thongs so bad he bans them. Californians and New Yorkers are happy he did. OK then. I have to ask then: how much cheek is too much?

China schools have become so dangerous despite the almost complete ban on firearms in the country that the government has to put armed cops in schools to stop the killing. That "police restraint stick" is so cool that I'm going to buy one and order a holster for it. Can't be too safe these days.
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