Friday, April 9, 2010

The DC mentality

Here's a video from NBC News in Washigton, DC about the upcoming security crackdown for the nuclear summit. The po-po and G-men are going to have the place locked down around the convention center, even going as far as to stop and ID people who are shopping nearby, and possibly not allowing them to enter parts of the city.

What interests me though is not the blatant violation of everyone's rights during this time - DC residents happily gave away their rights wholesale in return for some benefits, so they can only blame themselves - what I thought was striking was the guy at the end of the video clip that actually enjoys living in a place that restricts your freedom to move about.

The security crackdown is in the news because it's going to piss people off; naturally, there will always be freedom loving people in any city that are offended that their actions would be halted because of some pompous foreign elites that they don't know are coming to town. What's sad is that there is a majority of folk there who have no reservations about giving away their rights and the rights of others over some security.
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