Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your daily dose of stupid

Haven't done one of these in awhile, but this morning I did a face palm when I read this:
“There should be one standard for applying for what is a constitutional right,” Timilty said.
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this sentence?

At issue here is the licensing of human beings who have unalienable rights by police chiefs in order for those human beings to exercise said rights to own, carry, and operate private property in the form of a firearm. Simple, no?

So by this douchebag's confession, it's yippy skippy for some police chief, endowed with powers privileged upon him or her from citizens, to issue unalienable rights with a new law? Exactly how does a police chief have the authority to give rights to citizens, when those citizens are the ones who give the authority to the police chiefs?

When I buy groceries, I own them. The groceries are my property. When I feed those groceries to my kids, I sure don't ask them for permission to own the groceries. Now I would never deny my kids food, that's not what I'm saying, but I don't ask permission to own things that I already know I own. It's simple commerce.

It's become very obvious that people in today's America no longer understand Common Law, nor the simple laws of commerce hewn from thousands and thousands of years of human interaction. When you own things, you do not ask permission to use those things - unless of course you have trusted them to someone else for whatever reason. I guess if people don't understand how they own things in the first place -- in this case rights -- then there is no way they could possibly understand trust. Somehow in the naked simplicity of all of this, where 5,000 years ago a caveman, literally, could do it, modern "advanced" society forgot what the hell was going on.

So now that people in the most powerful country on earth don't understand property and the ownership associated with it, I can't see where this knowledge will ever return unless a big ass meteor wipes out like 99% of the population and things start over. We're very happy these days that we don't live in mud huts and hunt with clubs like our ancient ancestors, but at least they knew what the hell was theirs.


Mose Jefferson said...

Fantastic post. This is the flip side to the two-sided coin of statism (hint: both sides of the coin suck): On one side, people rush to become ever more dependant on the state for all of their wants and needs, as a result of a culture of priveleged entitlement.
On the other, like you said, as people see the state as being more and more of lifes provider, they will exercise less and less ownership over their own lives.

This is one of my favorite pieces you've written. Thanks for the interesting observation.

Unknown said...

No problem. Thanks for stopping by!