Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Freedom of. . .Of religion, not freedom from it

The totally unbiased and not at all left wing big box news agencies like the AP and ABC News are shitting kittens on the discovery that Trijicon has scripture verses encoded in the serial numbers of optics sold to the military. Apparently, since they were unaware of this sinfulness, it's "secret," which is weird because everybody and their brother who is not a Marxist shill has known about it for years.

I never understood the reason that most lefties that I've encountered have such a visceral hatred towards any God fearing person. Or anyone who even mentions his name, for that matter. People can believe in what they want. Why such angst?

Anyways, to get an idea of how bad the gnashing of teeth is over at ABC News, see "Secret Jesus Bible Codes on U.S. Military Weapons." I mean, come on! "Jesus Rifles!?!?" "Christian Crusades against Islam?" Really?

And Gen. Nash, what in the world have you been smoking? Because you have a problem with Secret Jesus Bible Codes labeled in the serial number on rifle scopes, but not say, scripture written on Soldiers' issued helmet covers, you want to force the Pentagon via legal fiat to blow millions of taxpayer dollars grinding the serial numbers off the scopes and stamping new ones. Yeah, let's a genius idea! It's not like that money could go towards buying more important stuff, like for instance ammunition, or perhaps more Trijicon rifle scopes that will enable our Soldiers and Marines to kill terrorists from several hundred yards outside of their effective range. We wouldn't want to offend them, or make them think that America is waging a war against Islam with Jesus Rifles! Anything but that! And while we're at it, maybe we should "punish monetarily" Chrysler Defense by making them paint the M1A1 Abrams tank with a graffiti proof coating to keep crusading Soldiers from painting Secret Jesus Codes on the main gun.

Have you hugged an Islamic terrorist today?

The pants wetting shows just how utterly irrational people can be. "Spiritually Transformed Firearm of Jesus Christ?" "Iraqi Soldiers touched those tainted rifles!" How do we sleep at night!?!

I personally find it hard to believe that any Islamic militant would have some sort of "our god vs your god" mentality against a powerful and predominantly Christian nation sending hundreds of thousands of Christian warriors into their country to kill them. Don't offend them with your religious rifles - shoot them with em', or drop bombs on the building they're in. That's cool.

Seriously, this is stuff right out of the Guidebook for Being a Perpetually Outraged Hippie. Marines? Not really outrageous. Rifles for Marines? Kind of outrageous. Scripture on rifles for Marines? Outrageous. Marines killing people with rifles? Not so outrageous. Marines killing people with Jesus Rifles? Outrageously outrageous. Marines in caskets because we spent defense money on erasing serial numbers instead of more rifle scopes? Totally cool.

Now that I'm thinking about it, we should tell the Pentagon to immediately make the entire armed forces atheist, and fully fund the effort with the next year's defense budget. Let's also kill off all the Chaplains, since they are men and woman who are awash in the blood of the Lamb. That way, we never make our enemies mad at us ever, ever, ever again.

This flawed ideology is the reason wars are lost. When your own countrymen would rather spend defense money appeasing your enemy instead of killing them with righteous firepower, than your enemy is already inside the wire.
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