Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spree shooter on the loose

The story is still developing, but it looks like some scumbag in St. Louis shot about four people with a "large assault rifle," of course, and is wandering around some where.

I'll post more details when I get them.

Update: FOX News live is saying the shooter is an employee and shot at least three people with an AK 47.

The shooter was on scene for at least a half an hour before the "tactical team" showed up. Looks to me like a standard cordone and wait strategy. The building is ABB Inc. which is a company that has power plants and such, and this building is for the manufacturing of electrical transformers.

The ABB corporate Code of Conduct manual says nothing about being a gun free environment, but it does say that "ABB's ground rules for employees are: work safely and protect yourself, your coworkers. . ." Let's hope some of the employees took this manual seriously and are able and willing to do just that.

Update: Foxs News has reported that three people are dead, the gunman being one of them, and eight wounded. That's about all of the details that are available right now. The gunman is believed to have killed himself. I sat on this update all day in order to gain more detail, but I'm sure we will get those over the weekend.
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