Monday, October 24, 2011

To boldly go where no handloader has gone before

Last night I was talking ballistics gibberish with a dear friend of mine and fellow reloading addict, when I got the notion to give Reloder 17 another try in .264 LBC. From all I've read, that gun powder won't work in the 6.5 Grendel/.264 LBC cartridge because, it's argued, there isn't enough room in that little case for enough of the powder to push a 123 grain bullet. Well, I think that there is.

Consulting Quickload-the-Wise about this, it warns me of all sorts of impending doom if I try to do what I'm about to do, but I've been there before when I was shooting 208 grain AMAX bullets out of a .308 AR with RL-17 -- I'm not skeer'd. I've found that I can game a certain charge weight of powder and a certain length for loads by plugging in actual data from shooting previously, and it's been very consistent so far. Using a drop tube last night, I easily fit a great deal of RL-17 under a 123 grain AMAX with just a pop or two of crunched powder, and the bullet seated to magazine length. Good to go. Now I just need to try it out.
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