Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alexander Arms releases Grendel Trademark

From the 6.5 Grendel Forum on the Big 3 meeting:

New Announcements from the Big 3 meetings in Kansas!
David Fortier reports:

Well, today Alexander Arms announced a few things at the Big 3 writers event.

1. The Grendel has been accepted by SAAMI
2. They have released their trademark on the Grendel
3. They showed off steel cased Grendel produced by Wolf
4. They hired a very well respected gentleman named Wayne Holt to handle PR.

So, now ANYONE can make a Grendel. The steel cased ammo is being produced by Barnaul for Wolf Performance ARMS and Ammunition. Note Wolf now has a firearms division and is working with Izhmash and Molot. They are looking into Vepr and Saiga rifles in Grendel. Currently testing is being done on the Wolf steel cases to verify they are good to go. Wolf is claiming production ammo for 1st quarter of this coming year. They said now that they switched this from Tula to Barnaul things are progressing nicely. I think its very positive as Barnaul's quality is well known for being a notch above Tulas. The steel cases look sexy....

Wayne Holt was the #2 man at Hornady for many years and was with Glock prior to this. This is big move on Alexander Arms part. Should be very interesting to see how things go.

Wolf was at the event and they are very firmly behind the Grendel, and have some very interesting things regarding AK rifles.

I would ask "Now was that so hard?", but after almost a decade I already know the answer. The shenanigans that have been going on behind the scenes in the Grendel world may never be discovered, but oh well, time to move on.

To me, plentiful and affordable steel cased ammo is the signal that an AR or AK cartridge is completely accepted into the shooting world. I bet the 6.8 SPC boys are pretty pissed right now, but they shouldn't be. Hopefully that cartridge goes steel cased as well; the shooting community can always use another tool in the toolbox.
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