Thursday, April 28, 2011

Word smithing

Why is it that those who write an anti-gun piece feel the burning need to add "shooty" type words or conjure up the Wild West that really wasn't very wild? It's almost a subliminal thing, like those people who stick their tongue out when they draw, or those who bob and weave when watching kung-fu movies.

Here's an anti-gun opinion piece in USA Today (surprise!!) that starts out "When it comes to gun fights. . .", making the first thing the reader interprets a violent act, in an article regarding civil rights. Way to go, poncho.

I don't have the time to properly fisk this bird cage liner, but here's a taste (see what I did there?!):

Last month, for instance, Wyoming joined Arizona, Alaska and Vermont to become the fourth state to allow concealed firearms with no permit whatsoever.
Yeah, and it's already turning out to be such a bloodbath like in Arizona, Alaska, and Vermont, right? Oh, you didn't mention that absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has happened in those states since they passed those laws? Weird. You might want to mention that then because you make it sound like it was a disaster for other states, which isn't the case at all.

It goes down hill pretty fast from there. Perhaps another blogger will be by to give this piece the scrutiny it deserves?
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