Monday, May 10, 2010

Violent times in California

Sounds like it was a pretty good shootout in LA this weekend between rival gang members. Someone should have told them that it was illegal to discharge firearms in public. Fortunately, nobody was killed which leads me to believe that gang bangers can't shoot. Good.

Now, raise your hand if you think these yahoos were a) sober, and b) carrying unloaded holstered guns. Thought so. Perhaps all the Cali hippies should stop picketing Starbucks for not discriminating against regular folk, and instead direct their wrath towards businesses that rent out Hummer limousines. Who rents those things anyways? Gangsters, right? Lets stop gangsters in their tracks by banning Hummer limos.

Also, some little scumbag stabbed a bus driver to death. What possible good did that guy think would come from killing a bus driver? I generally could care less if violent scumbags kill other violent scumbags over something as trivial as colors or whatnot, but leave the working folk alone.
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