Monday, May 10, 2010

HIGH POWERED assault pellet gun pistol confirmed by HIGHLY TRAINED veterinarian

And. . . .it was loaded! Duh duh duuuuuuhh.

Veterinarians have to first go to medical school, and I hear that's where they also get 1st class firearms training. Everyone knows schools of higher learnin' have constitutional gun professors on staff to pass such knowledge on to our youth.

So I kinda doubt that the man intended to kill the animal considering he shot it with a pellet pistol. To all you ignorant, loathsome journalists out there, I would appreciate it if you would stop tacking pointless terms like "high powered" onto things that you have no knowledge about. It was a freaking airgun for pete's sake, one that has a barrel like four inches long. I guess "high powered" is subjective and all, but y'all sound like pants wetting morons when you state things like that.

Yes, the guy is kinda a scumbag for killing a family pet, I agree. I do not agree with the two douchebag writers Alan Gathright and Lance Hernandez digging up dirt on the man with the obvious intent of making him out to be a villain. He did quite enough of that himself, and without the help of self righteous pricks.
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