Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running my mouse

About a month ago, I got a text on my crappy BlackBerry from my brother about a sighting of the ever elusive .380 autoMus Musculus in Wal-Mart. Once my wife got home from work, I made the four mile, forty five minute trip down there and sure enough, two one-hundred round boxes sat in plain view on the shelf. Thankful for good comms, I snagged both boxes - one for me, and one for my mom to help her break in her new heater.

This weekend my family and I made our way to the local gunshow, where peddlers of death and destruction were handing out AK-47s and fistfuls of money to all who dared to enter (if you didn't speak English and didn't have a driver's license, all you got was a lousy RPG). While we were there, I found .380 ammo aplenty, so I got another hundred rounds of target fodder for some close range draws, and thought what the hell, I'll buy a pack of Glaser Blues. I can't knock it if I haven't tried it.

I want to test these rounds in some stuff to see if they're all that, and so far I only fired one round to see what it would do to a gallon jug of water:

The round did exit, and if you look at the bottom of the split in the jug you can see the lead shot. It clocked in at 1,047 fps, which is about as fast as the Buffalo Bore Hard Casts that I use for carry move, although the Buffalo Bore rounds are 30 grains heavier.

I'm going to shoot more stuff with the Glasers; maybe a coyote or something. I'm not drinking the frangible koolaid, I just want to see what the fuss is about. A couple of years ago, I watched a friend shoot a Glaser Blue from a 4" .357 Magnum through five walls that we had built to shoot rifles at. The walls were built to code with drywall, and the round didn't break up at all. After that test (which I have pictures of, but still haven't posted) I am convinced that the little .223 Remington is better for blasting inside of a home in regards to self defense and minimizing penetration in walls. Most of those bullets broke into little pieces while leaving the second wall, and a 9mm went through all five without a sweat.

As for the mighty Kel-Tec, it's got several hundred rounds through it now without a hiccup. I'm really impressed with the beast. My dad noted how the shell casings were thrown twenty five feet back behind me as I was shooting; this gun doesn't play around. I'll tell you though, never in my life would I have thought that I'd be picking around in the grass for every measly .380 casing that I fired. Strange times call for strange measures.
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