Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Range day

I got to spend a day (half of one; thanks a lot Mother Nature) at an undisclosed location shooting steel with Andy this weekend. I've never shot steel targets before, not steel that didn't have tracks anyways, but I'm now a firm believer in AR500 targets. You get instant feedback on your hits, which is handy if you don't have a spotting scope. I'm going to have to make an investment in some of those in the near future.

Like Andy, I learned some valuable lessons from the trip: 1) rifles don't shoot all that great when you forget to bring the ammunition that goes with them; 2) iron sights will get you hits when your scope will not; 3) I need to shoot more with Andy.

We had a blast. At the last minute I packed the shorty Mosin Nagant with some corrosive commie ammo, and it turned out to be a hit. Shooting the blasty little rifle at a hanging bucket at 100 yards offhand is fun, and should be done more often. Andy got his AR sighted in at 100 yards and was making hits at 200 on 4 power, while I couldn't hit jack with my AR on 7 power at any range. My shiny new MK12 sat on the bench like a goon because all the ammo I spent loading was left at home on my bench. I got to shoot a Ruger 10/22, which I hadn't got to do in years, and was so impressed that I got it in my head to acquire one as quickly as possible; that turned out to be last night when I got an almost brand new one on a trade.

Our fun came to an end when my nemesis reared her ugly head from out of nowhere and started slaying trees all around us. We still had a lot of fun.


Broken Andy said...

Oh cool! You gotta 10/22. Don't mess with the after-market 25 round mags... get the BX-25s from Ruger.

I've been thinking about modding my 10/22 some more, but I can't really argue with the current setup. Maybe I should get a second for modding and keep the first as it is.

Thor said...

Shooting steel is one of my favorite things to plink. Particularly at distance. Once I get past about 300 yards steel is the best to get feedback from. I especially like it at 600 yds or more when the delay of the impact is just a little bit longer.

Drew said...

this is what we all use down here. between all of us we have 3 to setup and run drills on. throw whatever size plate on there and it's ready to rock. even withstands pelting from my my 7.62. highly recommended for budgeted shooter who needs instant sound gratification.