Friday, July 1, 2011

Sometimes gun owners depress me

A Soldier (call him OP) posted in the ARCOM General Discussion thread about a run in he had with law enforcement while open carrying a handgun with his wife at a restaurant. The cop obviously did not know the law, or that OP was open carrying because that is the only lawful means he has to carry a firearm, and threatened to charge him with brandishing. This happened in Kentucky, which allows for open carry, and from some of the commenters on the thread has no known statute for brandishing.

The result of the encounter ended well enough, with the cop going on his merry way when OP stood on his rights. The result in posting the encounter on a pro-gun forum ended up attracting some of the most ignorant so-called gun owners who not only gave the OP shit about open carrying, and also attacked his equipment and gun choice, they go on to suggest that he break the law and carry concealed. This is out of the belief that open carrying takes away your element of surprise, and offers nothing in return.

It should be said that the OP was open carrying because he is not yet 21, and cannot apply for a concealed handgun permit. He followed the letter of the law and carried his gun the only way he could, but that is lost to many who commented on his post. There is one particular commenter who openly admits to breaking laws that he does not agree with, and then tries to ply the OP to do the same based on a belief that open carry shouldn't be allowed because. . . . well, that's not at all clear.

Sometimes gun owners are our own worst enemy. We see that from time to time.


Broken Andy said...

I'll admit that open carry isn't my preferred method though I do it from time to time, but I'll fight like hell to have the right.

My biggest problem with open carry is that all I have to carry, other than a wicked looking and totally impractical Colt Walker, is black plastic. That's why I need that new two-tone S&W 1911SC. At least that's how I'm justifying it. :)

Unknown said...

Oooh, you're right. The 1911SC looks way to nice to cover up. We wouldn't want nice handguns to become Victoria's Secret for men!