Monday, July 11, 2011

Mob of teens brutally beats mom holding 4 year old

The attack happened Thursday afternoon inside Folwell Park on Minneapolis’ north side.

Shawnee Twiet says she was in and out of consciousness when the attack happened.

“As soon as I hit the ground, I just started feeling just everything coming from everywhere,” Twiet said. “I mean blows coming from the back of my head. I felt somebody grabbing the back of my hair.”

She suffered a black eye, bruises all over her body and imprints on her back.
This animal-like behaviour is why politicritters push so hard to control everyone's lives; we may think that the majority of Americans are responsible people who do what's right, but I'm thinking that America's majority are made up of a bunch of violent, self-serving, primitive people who pass on their dishonor to their violent, self-serving, primitive spawn.

When the cops and government have to respond to these shenanigans, then they're going to push for more laws and tools to get the job done. If honorable Americans can keep this behaviour from happening, perhaps by simple parenting, I would think that there would be no reason for local government to invent things to keep the savages at bay. At some point a large group of teens are going to make a big mistake during the victim selection process and wind up being "introduce[d]. . . to the fine craftsmanship of Springfield Armory." As unfortunate as that will be, hopefully it will end this trend for teenagers to clump together and kick good people in the head.
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