Friday, July 15, 2011

Lots of 1st person perspective on Philly mob attack

There's a bunch of details here from a dozen victims of the Philly attack a couple of weeks ago. The girl that was injured the worst had to have surgery to repair her shattered tibia; I still call that serious bodily harm. The victims who were physically attacked all reported being punched in the neck and the back of the head, with some of them getting stomped on the head while they were in the fetal position. Also, several of them noted that there was nothing taken from them; in other words, this wasn't a bunch of kids trying to steal their wallet; their intent was to beat people up.

All of the victims tried to run away, but were quickly caught by the teenaged attackers and punched to the ground. The victims were not exchanging words or taunting the attackers; the first blow came from an attacker who ran up from out of nowhere. Interestingly enough, one of the victims had this to say:
Unless you are literally Charles Bronson, you just don’t win fights where you’re outnumbered 20 to 1, even if you have a gun.
I believe that if you had to shoot one of the attackers, the rest of them would most likely run off. That's my guess, anyways. I wouldn't expect a victim would have to shoot every attacker like they were a horde of zombies, especially considering that they're teenagers most of the time.

Two things though are of immediate concern to me as I consider what would happen if I couldn't avoid a flash mob and was attacked. First is that I'm likely to have my kids with me, and we've already seen that attackers have no problems attacking little kids. With all the accounts from these attacks recently, I have every belief that my kids, my family, and I would be seriously hurt or killed in such an attack. My second concern is ending up on the ground in the fetal position while dozens of kids stomp me, and having my gun taken away and getting shot with it. Staying upright and trying to gain some control is paramount, again, if you cannot avoid an attack in the first place.

I don't live in a major city where I would expect a mob attack, but that's not to say that it couldn't happen.
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