Monday, March 7, 2011

Give me Libya, or give me death

Man, it's all out warfare there now. The Libyan government is shelling and dropping bombs on rebels, which is an indicator that they could care less about collateral damage or loss of innocent life. At least when government forces are shooting individual people with precision rifle fire, they are making an attempt at stopping the revolt with as little bloodshed as possible, but we are definitely not seeing that here.

On the other hand, the rebel forces have done a spectacular job at arming themselves with enough weaponry to take down fighter jets, or so it seems. Check out that link for some good photos of the carnage that is going down in Libya.

It amazes me that these rebel fighters started out basically throwing rocks, and then armed themselves enough to take down military bases and get heavy weapons to knock down aircraft and destroy tanks. That's motivation. I can't say I don't blame them for wanting to out Qaddafi and his entourage of women bodyguards. Forty some years of that mess is enough for anyone.

***Edit: Holy smokes! It's fun for the whole family over there!

Seeing children waving Colt Detective Specials in the air while the wimmens scream at the camera and point AK47s at their friends goes to show you that it's a full blown calamity.
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