Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Folks with a pair who care

The DC Guardian Angels are stepping up to the challenge on protecting DC citizens in their day to day journey on the metro; and despite the fact that DC laws prevent them from being adequately armed, something tells me that when they see some thuggish creatures beating someone down they won't be the ones standing there recording the matter with their cell phone.

I've noted the Guardian Angels bravery before, and also noted that it's shameful that they do not have the proper means of protecting themselves and others due to political decree. Honestly though, good people never cease to amaze me.

**Edit to add, from comments:

Anon - " Have we completely lost the balls to help people in the need?"
It seems that most folks in DC have, but then again this post is about a group of people who have determined to protect others from this sort of violence, and they have to do it with bare hands.

Now picture you and a buddy standing guard on the Metro one night with nothing more than your hands as protection. Do you think you could stop fifteen criminals from beating one of your fellow citizens to death? There are small portable tools these days that can be readily carried that would certainly turn the tables on these criminals.

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