Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gun bills in Virginia

The VCDL's blog, The Sentinel, has the latest on gun legislation in the Commonwealth.

See here for the Castle Doctrine bill, a bill to make it a violent felony to get caught with a gun on school property, and another to make it OK for cops and lawyers to be under the influence while carrying.

See here for a Virginia Supreme Court gun ruling, as well as about half a dozen new gun bills.

See here for eight more bills; two of them are Castle Doctrine and one of them is for Constitutional carry (no permit needed for CCW).

See here for a local media look into these proposed laws. I got a kick out of this from the second page:

Among the bills the group opposes, Goddard finds particularly onerous a bill from Del. Bill

Carrico that would exempt any firearms manufactured in Virginia, that remain in Virginia, from federal regulations.

Goddard called the bill "an absolutely, utterly stupid thing," and said there's no way Virginia could ensure that firearms made here don't leave the state.

And? Is there any way to ensure it right now? Has there ever been? Seems to me that if a scumbag in Virginia wanted to build a sheet metal Sten clone that's fully automatic for the sole purpose of gunning down lots of people in Nebraska, then there's no way a law or lack of one is going to make one bit of difference.

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