Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great balls of fire!!!

This weekend I came into a Mosin-Nagant M38 carbine in fantastic shape with a properly pitted bore from many years of shooting corrosive commie ammo. The previous owner is a friend of mine who needed the extra bucks to go in on a Remington M700 chambered in 25-06, and knew of my want for a short and light Mosin-Nagant. As an added bonus, my Fairy god ninja delivered to me an 8 lb. jug of IMR 8208 XBR, so I am committing to that powder my 308 which will hopefully end the temerature sensitivity woes.

Last evening I had the ten minute opportunity to shoot the beast with one of my brothers, and with a cardboard box set at 100 yards I proceeded to miss the thing entirely with five rounds. No worries though; I have no idea what grain the ammo is that I'm shooting, nor do I know if the sights are set up for it, so we moved up to 25 yards and fired off some more rounds with success.

Shooting a short barreled Mosin with horrible ammo on the edge of darkness is a wonderful experience; if this were on a battlefield somewhere I am sure I would invite a volley of hot metal from anyone within a one mile radius:

That's no KABOOM!!; the rifle is supposed to do that. It reminds me of another gun that I used to have that produced amazing fireballs.

You can see the white edge of the box on the left there in the first picture. Being proper Hicks, we stapled a blaze orange hunting license sleeve on the middle of the box as an aiming point and shot off hand. The ammo was grouping nicely at the upper left of the box, so there was no way we were going to get hits at 100 yards. It also didn't help that I had the rear sight set to 200 yards, or that the front sight post was painted with dull orange fingernail polish.

My plan is to shoot the hell out of this gun when I get some brass cased ammo for it that won't eat away any more of the bore. For some odd reason considering the economical availability of these rifles, the market for 7.62x54R is awash in the shittiest possible loadings, as nobody seems to give enough of a damn to make non-corrosive cartridges that may have the potential of being accurate.

Just about every major ammo manufacturer has a budget line of cartridges that have perfectly acceptable accuracy, so why don't they make any of this stuff? The only casings that you can buy for it is made by Norma, and it must be stamped from metal retrieved from some alien temple on Neptune as it costs a fortune. I really don't even think that Norma produces as much as they just advertise it to see if anyone is stupid enough to try and order it.

Hopefully the boxer primed ammo that I'm looking at buying will hold decent groups. This rifle is going to get some use.

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