Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A real-life self defense with a gun story

I found this story at Light seeking a subject about the author's use of his firearm to stop an attack just before it started. It gave me chills:

"As the kids reached the front doors of my car, they turned to face it from both sides. I turned to look at the one on my left, made eye contact, raised my gun ever so slightly. His eyes widened, and he turned to run. I then looked to my right, and saw what was in the hand of the kid on the other side of the car. An ASP ."
I point out that it was his observance of his surroundings that was key to preventing the initiation of the attack; the pistol he had drawn played its part, but may not have been as effective, if at all, had the scumbag busted the window before he had noticed that he was a target.

Also, be sure to read his list of key factors. I take #2 to be extremely common -- "It was in what is considered to be a safe area. A 'good part' of town." That right there is not only important for those who carry a sidearm, but it has major weight when you're talking to someone who is on the fence about carrying. I have found in conversation that people are blissfully unaware how scumbags look for "nice" neighborhoods and "safe" towns to commit their scumbaggery. This also goes against the argument that "I only carry when I'm going to a bad area." I got news for you, there's no such thing as a safe place in this world.

I live in a "safe" area, in a state known for the crime level to be below the national average, and that doesn't keep the crazies from stabbetry or lunatics from robbery. Be prepared. Always.
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