Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uhmmmm. . .friendly fire incident?

You know it's bad when you can't definitively tell whether a country you are supposedly allied with for the task of fighting a war is a friend or not. This recent incident between Pakistani militants military and a US gunship may or may not be blue-on-blue.

The U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force said U.S. helicopters were in Afghanistan near Forward Operating Base Tillman when they responded to incoming direct and indirect fire from over the border in Pakistan, presumably from militants. The helicopters initially did not return fire, but when a second round of incoming fire began, they did fire in response.
I have to ask the Pakistani militants military troops involved: just how many Apache gunships does Al Qaida have these days that you would shoot at it thinking it's your enemy? Seems odd to me that you would shoot at a machine that you know damn well belongs to an allied country, especially one that can resist that sort of gunfire while it turns around and destroys you. There is simply no cause for them to shoot at it, so that leads me to believe that either Pakistanis are completely fed up with our shit, or the gunship fired first. Considering that dark skinned men with beards carrying AKs could be construed as being bad guys from five hundred feet up, the Pakistani account of being fired on first seems likely. You would still think that they would try to wave off the whirling contraption of death instead of shoot at it; they had to know that the Apache would win that stand off.

Either way, check out the video to see what Pakistani militants citizens think about our dear president. And consider me shocked that they don't believe that bin laden was getting his fap on while looking at goat porn or whatever they found on his laptop; it's obvious that the Pakistanis are a freaky bunch of folk who don't mind at all keeping the internet porn industry in business.

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