Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Details emerge

In all of this news of Bin Laden getting killed, I can't help but note that the US government finally raided and burned the correct compound, killing and detaining the right people this time. So that's a win.

Picking through the news first thing, I see that OBL didn't go down swinging like was announced by the media initially, and the woman that was shot was not killed, and was not his wife. OBL was shot in the head and chest, with no word on how badly it hurt. The locals claim they had no idea that their neighbor was the most wanted terrorist on the planet. Coming from the locals doesn't surprise me. I haven't met most of my neighbors. If America found out that Elvis was living two doors down from me, I would be the guy in the interview scratching my head saying I had no idea. Retired Generals and such are a completely different story though, and Pakistan has egg on their face with that one.

Here's an article on the SEAL team that went into the compound, and here's something to keep you occupied for the next couple hours: a 300+ page picture thread chock full of SEAL images. It's a gunnie p0rn like you would never believe. Enjoy.
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