Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sum of it's Parts: Part 1

This afternoon I put together the lower receiver for my AR project. I couldn't wait any longer, and since the barrel won't be here for a couple more weeks, and even then I have to send it back out for some profiling, I needed something to do in the meantime:

Hmmmmm. What kind of magazines are those? And an A1 buttstock and ERGO grip? What's up with that? Looking back at my BAG Day post, can you put two-and-two together yet?

Last night I coated the DPMS lower receiver and buttstock with Dark Earth Alumahyde II from Brownells. If someone had asked me to describe the worst conditions possible for applying a semi-permanent coating to a firearm receiver, I would have noted yesterday. A huge thunderstorm kicked my ass as I was putting the Alumahyde on, and I was hiding under a tarp holding the piece by a strand of 12 wire while the skies came down. The instructions say to not handle the piece for 24 hours after application, but I would suggest in hind sight a few days more to let it cure; even while I assembled the lower this evening, the coating was tacky and scratched easily. Also an FYI, the stream that comes out of the can is very fine, and is a flat 6" wide. I'm a big fan. I used three coats which ended up being perfect.

Everything went together well. The trigger is a Geissele, which is not spec to the weapon that I am cloning (that's a clue), and neither is the DPMS ambi-safety. The buttstock is from Fulton Armory, which I found out is in Maryland after it got to my house two days after I ordered it. The lower parts kit is from DPMS; and if you have already ordered a match trigger and/or the pistol grip of your dreams, you can also get a parts kit without those things for around $30. Midway and Brownells were out of stock at the time I ordered.

If you do figure out what type of build I'm doing, then you have to figure out the cartridge it's chambered in (it's not a .224" bore). In the next month I should have a functional rifle, meaning that I can start load development, but I am a year or more from acquiring all the kit to make this a complete weapon system. I'll get there eventually.
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