Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stun gun violence

If you believe hollywood, a stun gun will knock you unconscious so that your attacker can conveniently rob you of your goodies. In the really real world, using a stun gun on your victim will probably just piss off your attacker, who may then be inclined to use a more proven weapon platform to ventilate your abdomen and send you running away with piss soaked pants.
One of the men opened the driver’s side door and hit the victim with a stun gun several times while demanding money, Perok said.

The victim, a Woodbridge man, then pulled out a handgun and fired towards the men, he told police.

The clerk, a concealed weapons permit holder, said the men were no more than a foot away from him when he shot at them.

“I’m sure I hit one with at least one shot,” he said a few days later.
He did better than that! I am glad that he survived the attack with minimal injury, and that he doesn't have the burden of killing someone on his conscience or reputation. A win win in my book.
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