Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to work gun p0rn

Navy SEAL edition.

I spy a McMillan TAC-50; a suppressed AIAW in .308 Winchester; a suppressed SCAR-16 with thermal sight, ELCAN optic with Dr Optic reflex; a Sig P239; a Smith and Wesson 686, among other things.

My personal favorite is the suppressed EBR M-14 with Nightforce scope, with the reflex sight mounted behind the elevation turret making it completely useless. Either someone has a sense of humor, or perhaps there needs to be some remedial training. Also, there's a pic of a SEAL holding an H&K MP5. And how cool is that S&W!!!

OOOoooooh, ooooohh!! I also found some evidence that the 1911 is still serving the Marines, as well as a solid confirmation that Marine VBSS teams (now NMIOTC, or whatever complicated term with acronym some eccentric commander comes up with this month) are now using Steyr TMPs for ship boarding. Too friggin' cool!

More Steyr TMP and 1911 goodness, with some Glock usage in there for good measure. Seems that the Greeks are putting them up to this.
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