Monday, April 26, 2010

Enforcing Gun Free Zones for Dummies

Let's say that there's a big city that has a violence problem, and lawmakers in that city decide not to address the violence, but to ban firearms instead because it's easy. Many years later the city is still wracked with violence, so what do lawmakers propose to stop evil people from shooting each other with guns that are obtained illegally?

Send in the military!!

No, really. Stop laughing. That's what two Illinois Democrats asked the governor to do.

The problem, see, is that guns cause violence and had to be taken away. It has nothing to do with the people themselves, or their actions. Uh-uh. People just can't be trusted with them, period, and because of that we need to send in a brigade of National Guard Soldiers with guns to make sure that order is maintained.

Clear as mud?

To stop evil people with guns from shooting the good people, we need to import lots of good people with guns from outside the city, and not allow the good people that already live in the city from obtaining their own guns, because they would unethically use them to stop the bad people who already have them.

Good people with guns - bad.

Bad people with guns - bad.

Good people wearing camouflage with guns - good.

Hopefully the governor will recant his position and allow troops into the city to restore order, but only after he ensures that their weapons are empty, just like the Soldiers on the Mexican border.
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