Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why such urgency?

"This is one we wanted to solve with the utmost urgency!" Peskin exclaimed. According to police, the alleged thief is John Prentis.
So when crooks rob the citizens you're sworn to protect, it's not considered the "utmost urgency?" It's only when a crook steals from the king that things get serious?

That's not the best attitude.

I will hand it to the police chief though that he admits error on the police department, though not up to the point of taking personal responsibility.

And why wouldn't a scumbag want to steal from a police station? They're well known to have large amounts of cash (like here), drugs, guns, and other random stuff that has been confiscated. It's the perfect place to steal from.

What would be a better place to steal from? Target? Borders?
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