Wednesday, October 28, 2009


CNN) -- An off-duty security guard Tuesday fatally shot a psychiatric patient who had stabbed a doctor at a medical building in Boston, Massachusetts, police said.
It is a good thing he was there, armed, and able to stop the threat. Still, this being Boston we're talking about, and also being in a hospital which is no doubt a victim disarmament zone, one has to wonder how much more out of hand things would have gotten if there wasn't an armed person in the building. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to have armed good guys around considering how easily a crazy person can do harm with whatever is at hand.

Oh I know, I know. He was a SECURITY GUARD, with special SECURITY GUARD skills. This SECURITY GUARD was OFF-DUTY. I'm sure he even had a badge of some type that credentials his GUARD skills and appeases the ever fearful mind of the quivering masses. A citizen can't possess the special powers needed to determine whether or not to shoot a man who just stabbed a doctor with a knife unless they have some sort of uniform or shiny thing to display to unarmed folk:

The security guard interceded, revealing a weapon and ordering the patient to drop a knife, Davis said.

"When the suspect did not comply, he shot the suspect," Davis said.

Well, that sounds difficult, doesn't it? How can you or I ever hope to make a split decision like that without the "gun going off?" If this were a case of citizen intervention, no doubt it would be publicly noted by the local police chief/appointed bureaucrat how unwise it is to attempt to stop a madman because he will simply take your gun away and use it against you.

On another note, it is believed that the SECURITY GUARD didn't manage to kill fellow citizens in road ragey madness while on the way to the hospital because he was a SECURITY GUARD. It solves the problem. Also, because he was a SECURITY GUARD, the potential victims that were no doubt saved by his actions are happy that he intervened for their defenseless asses:
"We're happy he was here," she said about the guard, who was taken to Boston police headquarters for questioning.
Who knows how pissed off these people would have been had the guy not been a SECURITY GUARD with the skills that kills and pays the bills.

The lesson to take away from this article is that if you're ever involved in a shooting, especially one that saves a ton of lives, make sure that you shout out to all the citizens around you that you're an OFF-DUTY SECURITY GUARD so that their mind is put at ease. The press will quickly show up and make it official record -- mentioning nine times on the page -- what your confessed profession is, and then all will be good.
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