Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good question

Classmates of the victim say he's a member of the Coast Guard, and he's one of the biggest guys at school. They say he fought the attacker off, but some wonder what would have happened to someone smaller in stature and unable to fight back.
First off, the school needs to immediately plaster the campus with "Hammer Free Zone" signs to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. A solid policy discriminating against Middle Eastern men, as well as three-quarter length pants probably wouldn't hurt either.

But back to the question that most definitely needed to be asked: what would the outcome be in a similar attack where the victim was smaller, or unable to physically fight back? What could the victim possibly use to minimize the disparity of force that is presented by multiple attackers, or an attacker with a weapon? Damn, I can't think of one single thing that could be used effectively by a student.

I do note how irresponsible the school was to have buildings that don't require an ID card, or even a body cavity search for that matter; it's no wonder the Coast Guardsman "paid the price." Can't be too safe.

They did have video cameras, as the school indoctrinatees don't seem to mind being surveilled, but that seems to have had no impact whatsoever in stopping or preventing the attack; although we now know the man has poor fashion sense.

Now, before some troll comes on here bemoaning me implying that students should not be barred the use arms, do notice the youthful armed security guards manning the doors, as well as the students saying how wonderful and safe they feel having guys with guns around them.

Armed students? That's crazy talk! Someone could get hurt! Firearms are dangerous, and students are too young and stupid to use them. But put on a blue shirt with a shiny thingy on their breast, and magically everything is safe! Wow! Armed security is good-to-go!

So, the solution seems to be if you want to carry an effective tool for defense while attending college, you have to have one of these lest some emasculated schoolboy hyperventilates at the thought of you not being adequately qualified.
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